A downloadable game for Windows

Holy cow, i'm so happy that me and RangerPrO111 managed to pull this off before the deadline! We think this is pretty good result for our first LD, and we happy with it.

Some basic controls:

To buy things in shop, you have to press on the item you want to buy.

To change weapons press 1,2,3,4, 4 - melee fight, 3 - pistol, 2 - revolver, 1 - shotgun.

Ammo box that selling for 750 is shells for shotgun, ammo box that selling for 500 is bullets for revolver, ammo box that selling for 100 is bullets for pistol.

When zombie dies, you gain 100 $

To shoot you first have to aim holding right mouse button, and then press left mouse button.

Install instructions

Well, just download it and open, it will automaticaly start in main menu.


One night.exe 9 MB

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